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Micro/Macro Mural: Hudson River Highlands

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The site of the Micro/Macro Mural is the Hudson River, Croton Point Park, New York. The project began as a collaboration between two artists and was funded by the Westchester Arts Council. The early stages of the mural were sponsored by the Council for mural work in the Westchester schools; therefore, a curriculum-inspired theme of the plant ecology and the geology of this stretch of the Hudson River was the original source for the imagery. Research by the artists deepened and diversified the visual narrative. The four panels juxtapose micro close views with macro birds eye vistas.

The far left panel is the river’s macro view; an almost aerial aspect, a mapping, the Shad life cycle, indigenous plants.  The panel following right visualizes the microcosm of the Hudson’s water: plankton, water fleas, diatoms. Next on, the panel macro vista shows the great river curve, the grand presence of the rock’s ancient earth formations. Finally, the geological micro panel of the native rock, patterned sections of Palisade’s basalt, quartz and crinoids, fossils found in calcium carbonate deposits of marbles and limestones.

Scales of the great Hudson River.

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