Hestia Mural  Restoration Project

Northampton, MA

In 2003, a group of talented motivated local artists decided to fundraise in order to restore the Women’s History mural in Northampton. People of the town had come to view it as part of their history; and through public forums, it was decided to restore the mural and bring it back to life. Money was raised and hard work was done to restore the 4,000 square foot mural.

This photo shows of the lower left section of the mural. To the left side, is a portrait of a local artist Susanne Lathrop. She is at her easel in front of an early American quilt, another image of women’s artistic expression. Susanne was a painter,

who along with her sisters in 1886, opened a studio called the Northampton Salon, where they exhibited their work and  taught classes. On the right side is a painted group portrait of the original Hestia art collective.

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