Mariah Fee    Mural Projects

Mural Projects are collaborative works. All of the murals

I have done, with the exception of those for private

residences, have involved communication and compromises made among project artists and the community. After years of discussion, debates and many presentations to Mayors and City councils, the diverse voices are synthesized into a cohesive design plan. A hard won unity of vision drove all these projects to successful conclusions. The success was measured by the community’s pride of ownership and identification with the imagery of the final mural. A testament to that phenomenon happened in 2003 when a restoration of  The History of Women’s mural was done.  A group of people from the City approached us and asked “what are you doing to our mural ? We don’t want anything to happen to it”


Both murals began when a group of artists met with the intention of expanding the isolated role of the studio artist. In each, the artists wanted to contribute to bring alive their communities history and culture through visual narrative painted on downtown walls.

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